We recommend

Raw Meatballs

1 meatball/5 lbs of weight per day


Coocked Meals

1 package/10 lbs of weight per day

Depending on the level of activity and metabolism of your dog, you may need to adjust the amount of food daily.

How do I know if the amount of food offered is enough for my dog?

Look at the pictures below and you'll be able to keep your puppy at ideal weight.

too thin





We also recommends

  • ALWAYS wash hands, utensils, your dog bowl, before and after use.

  • For COOKED MEALS, DO NOT use high temperatures to thaw (high temperatures cause nutrients to lose). Defrost your package inside the refrigerator.

  • For RAW MEATBALLS, you do not have to wait for the whole defrosting - thaw until it is easy to cut them and offer partially frozen - THEY LOVE IT!!! 

How to make the transition from kibble to natural meals

Gradually increase the natural food to the current for 5 days.

After then, replace 100% with natural food.

If you have any problem, please contact your vet.


ARF Naturals is 100% natural dog food made by dog lovers for dog lovers. We only offer fresh products: bones, meat, veggies and other great stuff that dogs absolutely love--delivered right to your door! 

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