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ARF Naturals believes in providing better health, quality of life and happiness to dogs through natural meals.
We deliver to dog owners who want to give their dogs the best, but who often have little time or knowledge about where to find or how to prepare the daily meals of their pets.
Located in Deerfield Beach/FL, we are professionals with plenty of experience and nutritional degrees to assist you and give your dog the healthiest life possible. We invest in quality and put lots of love into our work...from the selection of the products to creating our menus and the relationships we build with our clients and their dogs. We too. are dog owners. At ARF naturals dogs are family too!

How it all began...

Hi, my name is Flavia. My journey started with my french bulldog, Norah, back in my native country of Brazil. When she was 1 year old, skin problems began to emerge. There were lots of trips to veterinarians who prescribed various antibiotics and steroids, and her skin condition improved when she was on these prescribed medications.  When she stopped taking them, the problems came back and the symptoms were worse. I spent so much time and money trying to help her. It really hurt me to see her suffering (she scratched so much to the point of bleeding).
That's when I met a very special person, Camille Chamone. She is a pioneer in the subject of natural dog food in my hometown of Belo Horizonte, as well as the editor of the first French bulldog blog in Latin America. She was the first person to teach me about the benefits of natural food for dogs. I then looked for a holistic veterinary nutritionist who helped me solve Norah's skin problems. 
Me and Norah

She created a new diet for my Norah.  The first rule?  SHE MUST NOT EAT INDUSTRIALIZED FOOD!  We started with cooked meals and then moved to the "Raw Meat Bones" diet that is now the foundation of ARF Naturals menus.

The result?  Within 1 month Norah had no more skin problems and they never returned!  Take a look at the picture below... simply amazing! 

I then thought, I can not keep this information just for myself, I need to help other people whose dogs have this same problem, too.  It was when I took a course with a nutritional veterinarian and learned how to correctly balance the diet and also learned the health functions of many different foods within a dog's diet, that I began the process of creating ARF naturals.
I would never have imagined that I would save my dog's life and become fortunate enough to help so many others with something that is so simple: cut off the intake of artificial colors, fillers, and other unnatural ingredients from a dog's diet and they will almost magically see a transformation in physical and emotional health.
Throughout the years, I have met many owners with dogs who suffer from a variety of different problems with their diet and health including: skin scratching, allergies, seizures, lack of appetite, obesity, tear stains, inflamed intestines and more!    

Does your dog have any of these problems or others?

Let us help you!

This is Norah and her brother Boris (in memory), being happy eating homemade Natural dog food.

ARF Naturals is 100% natural dog food made by dog lovers for dog lovers. We only offer fresh products: bones, meat, veggies and other great stuff that dogs absolutely love--delivered right to your door! 

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